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Real Taste

3zouma Menu

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This section offers our signature plates and the classic dishes that carry our taste-twist. The dishes serve 12-15 people. We can cater for smaller or larger number upon request. Please place your orders 4-5 days prior to your desired date

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Su7our Menu

Suhour gatherings are so popular. This menu has the classic suhour dishes with our signature on it. The dishes serve 15 people. Please allow us 4 days before your desired date.

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Family Menu

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This menu is designed to attend to your family needs. It has some of our signature dishes in smaller portions in addition to some family essentials. Also semi cooked frozen dishes that you can serve at a later time freshly cooked. The dishes serve families of 4 all served in disposable plates. Please place you orders 2-3 days before the desired date.

Call us to order

0100 528 5450

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