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"Tamr Jannah is a distinctive food catering company established in 2006. Our passion for food is beyond our work, that’s what’s special about our whole team."

At Tamr Jannah we constantly create new recipes and develop our existing ones to meet the updates of the couture food industry. Our Co-founders; Salma Fouad & Dalia Fahmy are two business dynamos running the kitchen at a timely environment. With holding a “Diplôme de Cuisine” from Le Cordon Bleu London, one of the co-founders was able to bring an International flair back home. 

If you are looking for the right meal, and concerned with the quality and freshness of the components, our team is concerned more than you. Ingredients are strictly selected from the best sources in town, starting with the ripe red tomato, the bright greenery leaves, the tender meat or chicken slice, to the fountain of sensual sauces. Not only but also, we apply the HACCAP principles in our kitchen and it is well checked by food auditors on health and safety measures.

"We here at Tamr Jannah hold quality at heart, to provide a final dish/buffet that exceeds our clients' expectations, not to mention retaining the exceptionally delicious real taste we are famous for."

Starting our business by serving individuals and catering for small events, was just the beginning of tracing down a far goal. On the road of catering we served much larger events reaching 400 people where we provided a comprehensive catering service that gained our clients' full satisfaction. In 2010, catering for corporations was our target, where the company has since 2011 ongoing annual contracts to provide lunch meals for the employees of those corporates. 


Our Team

At Tamr Jannah we created a homogenous team of a big working family. Our chefs, assistants and stewards are well-trained and holding academic culinary degrees. We apply professional kitchen parameters and up-to-date techniques in our daily routine. This allowed us to always create recipes with a fascinating twist and real taste that was impressively received by our clients.

We are now focused on channeling our efforts on large-scale events; the likes of engagement parties, weddings, as well as corporate events. For that reason, we have created a new section in the menu that serves multi-purpose events.

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